Alex Schofield at O's Pub & Grill

O's Pub & Grill , 123 E Midland St, Auburn, MI 48611

I told Auburn, MI I'd be back!

It's been sOme time cOming but I'm ready to get back! I will be bringing a slew of new sOngs, a groOve you can tap yOur foot tOo and may even want to dance tOo. It's going to be a rowdy time you dOn't want to miss.

I'm carving my own unique place in the cOuntry music landscape sharing my sOngs and stOries alOng the way. Over the past seven mOnths I've been writing new sOngs, learning the harmOnica, and taking vocal lessOns with a trained opera singer. I'm gOing to be delivering up on stage with a passiOn and presence that yOu won't find anywhere else! Auburn, MI- Let's bring it.