About alex schofield

(Pronounced SKO-Feeld)

Alex Schofield's music is a blend of energy and heartfelt storytelling coupled with angst and hope. His Mid-Western roots gave him a real life Americana upbringing that can be seen and heard in his personality and music.

He delivers on stage with a passion and presence that draws people in.  Finding his place in the world, Schofield channels the greats like Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. His easy going, relatable personality shines through in his energetic performances and his connection to the crowd is undeniable. 

Raised in America’s heartland of Saginaw, MI, Schofield independently released his debut EP Desperado & Troubadour in 2016 and in 2017 he set out in his van on a four month tour of the US to support his release. Hitting saloons, bars, breweries, and more, Alex’s tour took him west across the US to California, then back through the  southern states up to Tennessee. Alex has played major US cities and more small towns than you can shake a stick at. Along the way, Alex has opened up for notable acts such as Drake White and Natalie Stovall. 

His second self- released EP "Songs From the Van" gives you an inside look into the journal of a troubadour and Schofield's plethora of thoughts while touring around the country. Many have acknowledged growth in his music and writing since his first release and are only anticipating more to come from this ambitious and hard- working young man.

With an intense desire to grow and push the boundaries as an artist and a writer, Schofield is now based in Nashville, TN currently writing and collaborating with other songwriters. Still touring around, hitting the Mid- West hard he plans to find himself  his own band and make his presence known nationwide. 

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